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Sugarbaby Watermelon Seeds

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Sugarbaby Watermelons produce a sweet, compact, smaller watermelon that can grow fruit up to 4kg. It has a thick green skin with a beautiful scarlet-red, juicy flesh. It is a drought-resistant crop that can be trained to grow up a trellis or along the ground as a groundcover. It will grow well in all zones but is a particularly great crop for cooler climates.

Water from the base to reduce the likelihood of mildew or other diseases from taking over. Watermelon crops require cross pollination from a male flower to a female flower. This can be done by hand or by bees.

25 seeds per pack

Planting information

When to sow?

Sow seeds early Spring - Summer, or all year round for growers in tropical regions.

How to sow?

Direct or in punnets, bury seeds approximately 15mm deep.


Allow for 10-14 days for seedlings to emerge




Full sun






9-15 weeks

Best before

December 2027