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Strike Bush Bean Seeds

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The Strike Bush Bean is your must-have green bean variety to grow in your garden!

This crop is a popular variety for commercial growing and makes a great addition to the home veggie patch too with high yields and its strong disease resistance compared to other varieties of beans.

Staking is not always necessary, however if plants are loaded with pods, it may help prevent the plant from falling. Stagger the timing of seed sowing to prolong the growing season. Harvest beans regularly to encourage more flowering.

Planting information

When to sow?

Sow seeds early spring or after frost - any time in warmer climates.

How to sow?

Direct or in punnets, bury seeds approximately 5mm deep. 


Allow for 7-14 days for seedlings to emerge


Regular watering in well-draining soil.


Full sun






8-10 weeks

Best before

December 2027