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Ronde de Nice Zucchini Seeds

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This stunning French heirloom zucchini produces small round fruits with a light green/ grey skin.

These fruits are very tender and have a very thin skin, meaning they can bruise easily which is why you won't find them on the supermarket shelf. With a fantastically unique flavour, this gourmet variety of squash can be harvested from 8cm or earlier. Ronde de Nice Zucchinis make great stuffing zucchinis!

Ronde de Nice Zucchinis are a very prolific addition to the garden and can be great for gardeners growing in small spaces as the plants don't grow as large as their cousins such as the Black Beauty Zucchini.

Water plant from the base and avoid wetting foliage when watering. Squash plants are prone to mould and powdery mildew as a result of wet leaves.

Do not transplant seedlings or sow seeds outside until all risk of frost has passed.

Planting information

When to sow?

Early Spring - Mid Summer

Tropical/ Subtropical - All year round (except March)

How to sow?

Direct – approximately 5mm deep.


14-21 days for seedlings to emerge. Keep soil moist and cover with a hessian cloth, wood or cardboard to reduce evaporation whilst waiting for germination.


Regular from base of plant


Full sun




7 weeks after planting

Best before

December 2026