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Charlie's Patch

Romanesco Seeds

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Romanesco is not only a great vegetable to eat, but also one of the most mesmerising brassicas to grow. Extraordinary lime green and purple florets grow off this beautiful brassica, forming a large head full of hypnotising ‘Fibonacci’ fractals. It has a marvellous 'nutty' flavour and can be enjoyed fresh or cooked.

Romanesco broccoli, also known as cauliflower Romanesco, is an absolute favourite of Charlie’s to grow in his garden and featured in his popular Romanesco Growing Challenge in 2021. 

Like all brassicas, keep your plants protected from pests such as the White Cabbage Butterfly and its caterpillars by netting growing area or using decoys or deterrents.

A shorter harvest time, with maturity from as few as 60-120 days.

Planting information

When to sow?

Late Summer – Late Autumn

How to sow?

Direct or in punnets 5mm deep.


6-12 days


Full/ part sun


Plant and row spacing, 40-60cm.

Best before

January 2027