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Charlie's Patch

Rainbow Chard Seeds

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Rainbow Chard, Silverbeet or Swiss Chard is a great variety of leafy greens to grow in your garden.

In your Charlie's Patch Rainbow Chard pack, you will receive a colourfully striking mix of red, green/ white, pink and yellow varieties. Not only do these beautiful plants add a pop of colour to your patch, but make a delicious and nutritious plant that will provide you with bountiful harvests for a long time.

The leaves can be picked and used like spinach and the leaves can be enjoyed fresh in a salad or cooked.

Start harvesting after 45 days.

30 seeds per pack

Planting information

When to sow?

All year

How to sow?

In punnets or direct in rows 3mm deep.


After 7-14 days seedlings will emerge.





Full/ part sun. Can be grown in a shaded area too throughout warmer seasons.





Best before

December 2026