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Charlie's Patch

Kale 'Red Russian' Seeds

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This heirloom variety of kale, Red Russian kale is the perfect crop for enjoying as a microgreen or in a baby leaf salad that can be enjoyed both raw when younger or cooked when mature. The older leaves can be cooked and enjoyed as you would cabbage. With a slightly sweeter flavour, this variety of kale is a super popular variety to grow.

Red Russian kale is less prone to ambushes from cabbage moths with its beautiful red/ purple/ green/ blue leaves and serrated edges.

Outer leaves can begin to be harvested can begin from 50 days, plant will reach maturity after 60 days.

Approximately 100 seeds per pack

Planting information

When to sow?

Late Summer – Late Autumn

How to sow?

Direct or in punnets 7-10mm deep.


3-8 days




Part/ full sun


Plant spacing and row spacing 50-60cm.

Best before

January 2028