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Golden Globe Beetroot Seeds

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Golden Globe Beetroot is becoming a popular heirloom to grow with its unBEETable vibrant yellow coloured root. It doesn't bleed like red beetroots and the tender green leaves with attractive yellow stalks don't only taste good, but add a nice colour to salads.

Baby leaves can begin to be cut from 30 days, however, try to avoid cutting all the leaves off the plant at any one point. 

Beetroots can be harvested as a baby beet after 40 days, but mature beets will be ready to harvest from 55-90 days from sowing. Seeds may benefit from washing in warm running water.

Planting information

When to sow?

Late Summer – Late Autumn

How to sow?

Direct 15mm deep.


10-25 days


Full sun


Plant spacing 7-10cm and row spacing 30-50cm

Best before

December 2026