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French Breakfast Radish Seeds

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French Breakfast radish is another crop that HAS to feature on your growing list! It grows great when planted in rows and is a super quick crop to grow, being ready to harvest in just 30 days. These seeds produce a beautiful pink-red elongated radish with a white tip.

It is a long-rooted variety of radish that has a deliciously crisp, mild flavour. French Breakfast Radish can be planted in between your slower growing crops to get a quick harvest while you wait!

Ensure soil is soft and well-cultivated before sowing seeds.

Approximately 180 seeds per pack

WARNING: Charlie’s Patch French Breakfast Radish seeds are treated with Thiram (a fungicide). Do not eat the seeds or feed them to animals. Treatment of these seeds is an AQIS requirement. Once planted, it will not affect your crops or harm any insects such as bees.

Planting information

When to sow?

All year round

How to sow?

Direct – approximately 10mm deep.


Seedlings will emerge after 3-15 days. Keep soil moist.




Full sun






4-6 weeks

Best before

December 2028