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Charlie's Patch

Brussels Sprouts Seeds

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Some people either love them, or hate them, but these Brussels sprouts will definitely find their way to your loved list! This variety of Brussels sprouts, Long Island Improved, grows up to 80cm tall with a beautiful medium sprout size with great flavour. This variety is also a long producing variety, so you are bound to have a good season!

Maturity from 60-120 days after sowing.

Like all brassicas, keep your plants protected from pests such as the White Cabbage Butterfly and its caterpillars by netting growing area or using decoys or deterrents.

Get your White Cabbage Butterfly decoys here!

Planting information

When to sow?

Late Summer – Late Autumn

How to sow?

In punnets 7-10mm deep.


6-14 days


Partly - keep protected from wind


Full/ part sun


Plant spacing 50-70cm and row spacing 90-100cm

Best before

January 2027