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Broccoli 'Di Ciccio' seeds

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This variety of broccoli, ‘Di Ciccio’, is a traditional Italian heirloom variety that produces 3-4 small main heads in addition to an abundance of side shoots. The constant harvests of side shoots increase the harvest period, leaving you with more homegrown broccoli harvests for longer! The baby leaves of this productive plant can also be used like kale.

Like all brassicas, keep your plants protected from pests such as the White Cabbage Butterfly and its caterpillars by netting growing area or using decoys or deterrents.

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Maturity from 60-100 days, however continual side shoots mean a longer harvest for you after main heads have been harvested.


Planting information

When to sow?

Late Summer – Late Autumn

How to sow?

Direct or in punnets 5mm deep.


6-12 days


Full/ part sun


Plant and row spacing, 40-60cm.

Best before

January 2027