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Charlie's Patch

Black Beauty Zucchini Seeds

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Dating back to the early 1920s, the Black Beauty zucchini has become a favourite to grow in every gardener’s very own veggie patch. It is a reliable heirloom that produces a higher yield than the hybrid Black Jack zucchini.

This crop is an early season producer with white flesh and a strong dark green skin. As an added bonus, the more you pick, the more it will produce! Flowers can also be picked and stuffed.

Prune leaves below harvested fruit to reduce the risk of diseases. Water plant from below to minimise the likelihood of powdery mildew.

Planting information

When to sow?

Early Spring - Mid Summer

Tropical/ Subtropical - All year round (except March)

How to sow?

Direct – approximately 20mm deep.


14-21 days for seedlings to emerge. Keep soil moist and cover with a hessian cloth, wood or cardboard to reduce evaporation whilst waiting for germination. 


Regular from base of plant


Full sun




7 weeks after planting

Best before

December 2026